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Dir. Lautaro García Candela

Country: Argentina. Year: 2022 Duration: 90 minutes.
Production Companies: 36 Caballos, Gong Cine


Pablo and Florencia work on Florida Street, the economic and tourist epicentre of Buenos Aires. Economic difficulties and the prospect of a trip makes it difficult for them to live together. Pablo, in order to survive, begins to clandestinely smuggle dollars in the street. Taking advantage of the volatility of the dollar's value, they devise a mechanism to make more profit, and thus make money to allow them to live a better life. Faced with the imminence of a currency crisis, he will try to take advantage of the economic instability to strike the blow that will save him once and for all.


Cast: Ignacio Quesada, Camila Peralta, Valeria Santa, Mucio Manchini, Darío Levy   Cinematography: Joaquín Neira Production design: Santino Mondini Rivas Editing: Ramiro Sonzini, Lautaro García Candela   Sound Direction: Javier Fernandez Jensen   Music: Dante de Luca Production: Juan Segundo Álamos, Iván Moscovich, Magdalena Schavelzon, Pablo Piedras   Script and direction: Lautaro García Candela


37th Mar del Plata International Film Festival - International Competition - Special Mention from the Jury

24th Jeonju Film Festival - World Cinema

2nd End of the World Film Festival - International Competition - Best Film.

7th Black Canvas 2023 - Our days

4th VECINE - National Feature Film Competition

9th Build CINEMA: International Work Film Festival

7th General Pico National Film Festival

3rd Cinemancia Metropolitan Film Festival - International Competition

9th International Film Festival of Las Alturas - International Competition

19th FestiFreak La Plata International Independent Film Festival - National Competition

2nd ASUFICC Asunción International Contemporary Film Festival - International Competition

11th Bariloche Audiovisual Festival - National Competition

39th Cipoletti National Independent Film Competition

8th Novoscinemas Pontevedra 41st Torino Film Festival

9th Cine de las Alturas - Official Competition - Best film, best script

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